We provide customized consulting
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Various entities seeking research-backed consulting services, approach and benefit from our expertise. Being part of one of the largest institutions in the region with a track record of over 40 years, gives us an edge in understanding our client’s requirements and ensuring our solutions are actionable and that ties in with the local business sentiments.

Data Intensive, Analytical, Actionable Results

Our consulting services offer clients with intelligence and insights on unexplored and under-researched areas that help stakeholders take informed business and investment decisions.

Our bespoke consulting services marries the challenges of cost, time, scope and data availability to generate actionable outcomes that are specific to our clients’ needs.


Our strength lies in our ability to collect the relevantlocal intelligence, skills-set of our analysts, quick turnaround time and delivering cost effective solutions.




Published Research

Marmore regularly develops and publishes research reports that focus on infrastructure, various business sectors, capital markets and strategic regional issues…Read More


Research on Demand

Marmore conducts specialized research for the clients who have specific requirements. Marmore can collect the needed, specific intelligence on the regional businesses.


Advocacy Research

Marmore has partnered with several leading thought leaders and institutions of repute to conduct economic policy research studies in areas like energy, labour, economic structure and public sector…Read More



A detailed report on equipment leasing in the GCC

Background: An equipment leasing company approached us to do a detailed study on the equipment leasing industry in the GCC to understand its competitive position.

Marmore Approach: Marmore conducted extensive secondary research to identify the players operating in equipment leasing in GCC. A business model analysis was done to identify close competitors. Financial analysis of the identified competitors was done to understand their position in the industry. Along with this, economic analysis was conducted to understand how it would impact the industry.

Key Project Benefits / Successes: Extensive secondary research enabled Marmore to present the industry’s competitors and their position in the sector.

A subsidiary of Markaz: an Investment Bank and Asset Management Company with more than 40 years of experience. Caters to the growing research and information needs of organizations in the MENA region.
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An extensive database of Tier 2 & Tier 3 Financial Institutions in GCC

Background: A consulting company in the GCC approached Marmore to prepare a database of Tier 2 & Tier 3 financial institutions in the GCC to identify potential targets.
Marmore Approach: Marmore used a third party resource to collect the names of the institutions. Thereafter, Marmore conducted secondary research to obtain key information related to the companies such as personnel, position, address, website, email, contact etc.
Key Project Benefits / Successes: The database helped the client in identifying the potential targets and conduct an outreach program.


Study on identifying warehousing (storage) space in a GCC country

Background: A leading logistics company based in the GCC wanted to identify the existing warehousing space in a country in the GCC.
Marmore Approach: Marmore obtained a list of companies that might have storage space in the country such as retail, car rentals, automobile companies etc. Marmore then conducted secondary research to obtain publicly available information on the same. Marmore employed a consultant to visit each location to identify plausible storage space.
Key Project Benefits / Successes: The database of warehouse space aided the client in understanding the current available warehousing space in the country.


  • "Marmore services were very useful and their team have provided a timely and reliable service in a challenging task. We are definitely looking for more cooperation in the future"

    Mrs. Rana Adawi
    Mrs. Rana Adawi Chairperson and Managing Director of Acumen Asset Management
  • "Marmore has provided both timely and reliable and services in the provision of market data. This service has proven valuable in supporting the research activities of Acreditus across all our client focus areas of credit, rating and Islamic finance advisory. I sincerely hope to continue to engage them on more advanced projects soon."

    Khalid F Howladar
    Khalid F Howladar Managing Director and Founder of Acreditus
  • "We have worked with Marmore in many occasions and are impressed with their in-depth research approach,quality analysis, and best of all, timely delivery. The team at Marmore also understands the regional business dynamics and provides exact, tailored solutions."

    Ahmad Khamis
    Ahmad Khamis CEO, Bloovo.com
  • The experience of working with Marmore has been very positive. A precise understanding of our requirements and high quality deliverables were the key takeaways. The turnaround time for the tasks was excellent, without any delays and the tasks were handled in a professional manner.

    Nigel Sillitoe
    Nigel Sillitoe CEO, Insight Discovery UAE
  • "Marmore services were very helpful to me when I conducted multi-sector investment plan across the GCC region. Reliability of Marmore’s data and analytical methods were unquestionable."

     Saad Al-Adwani
    Saad Al-Adwani CEO & Founder, Gulf Investment Management
  • "This research is extremely useful for us as there is very little reliable data on GCC demographics."

    Dr. S. Shehnaz Ilyas
    Dr. S. Shehnaz Ilyas Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE
  • "Excellent. Your aggregated profit data is still the gold standard in the region. Many thanks."

    Tarek Fadlallah
    Tarek Fadlallah Chief Executive Officer, Nomura Asset Management Middle East
  • “Our company has worked with the Marmore team multiple times, across sectors and over a wide cross-section of requirements. We would highly recommend Marmore’s services as they have impeccable performance, delivered on time or earlier, incorporated feedback quickly and managed to always exceed our expectations. ”

    Lama Abou Ghali
    Lama Abou Ghali Senior Vice President, Investment Advisory, Abwab Capital Ltd.

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